Classic Jar Range

This range, packed in heavy glass jars with aluminium lids (all recycleable) combines the traditional with the modern. 75 different varieties.
Allspice Ground (65g)
Allspice Whole (65g)
Anise Star (20g)
Aniseed Whole (35g)
Baharat (65g)
Balti Stir Fry Mix (50g)
Basil (15g)
Cajun Seasoning (50g)
Caraway Seed (60g)
Cardamom Ground (55g)
Cayenne Pepper (65g)
Celery Salt (110g)
Celery Seed (50g)
Chicken Seasoning (65g)
Chilli Crushed (30g)
Chilli Ground (60g)
Chillies Whole (25g)
Chives (10g)
Cinnamon Ground (50g)
Cinnamon Sticks (18g)
Cloves Ground (70g)
Cloves Whole (35g)
Coriander Ground (55g)
Coriander Leaf (12g)
Coriander Seed (25g)
Creole Seasoning (60g)
Cumin Ground (55g)
Cumin Seed (45g)
Curry Chinese (60g)
Curry Madras Medium (60g)
Curry Thai Green (45g)
Curry Thai Red (45g)
Dill Leaf (20g)
Fennel Seed (45g)
Fenugreek Ground (75g)
Fenugreek Leaf (12g)
Fenugreek Seed (90g)
Fish Seasoning (20g)
Five Spice Mix (40g)
Galangal Ground (45g)
Garam Masala (55g)
Garlic Chips (70g)
Ginger Ground (50g)
Herbes de Provence (20g)
Juniper Berries (35g)
Korma Mix (70g)
Lamb Seasoning (40g)
Lemongrass (25g)
Lime Leaves (5g)
Mixed Herbs (20g)
Mixed Spice (55g)
Mustard Seed Black (75g)
Nutmeg Ground (70g)
Nutmeg Whole (50g)
Oregano (15g)
Paprika (55g)
Parsley (10g)
Pepper Black Ground (65g)
Pepper White Ground (55g)
Peppercorns Black (65g)
Peppercorns Cracked Black (55g)
Peppercorns Green (30g)
Peppercorns Mixed (50g)
Peppercorns Szechwan (20g)
Peppercorns White (75g)
Piri Piri Seasoning (65g)
Poppy Seed (65g)
Poudre de Colombo (70g)
Ras-el-Hanout (70g)
Rosemary (35g)
Sage (20g)
Salt, Coarse Sea (125g)
Sesame Seed (65g)
Steak Seasoning (65g)
Sumac Crushed (65g)
Tandoori Mix (50g)
Tarragon (10g)
Thyme (25g)
Turmeric (65g)